Yellowstone in Fall

Fall Photography in Yellowstone/Harriman

Sept 19 – 23 (Wednesday – Sunday)

For those interested, our current plans would be to arrive Wednesday September 19th and depart Sunday September 23rd . The long weekend date is to accommodate club members. This will give those attending 3 days of shooting in the park. The specific locations could be decided later and by those attending.


Island Park/Mesa Falls/West Yellowstone


Wednesday September 19th

  • Arrive at Dutton’s Cabin – 6:00pm
  • Please make provisions for your own dinner
  • Discuss 3-day itinerary
  • Workshop/Discussion

Thursday September 20th

  • Morning – could be spent exploring and hiking around the Artist point area. It will be
    important to arrive at the artist point parking lot around 8:00am to ensure a parking space.
  • Afternoon – could be spent around the Grand Prismatic Springs and overlook.
  • Evening – Workshop/Discussion at Dutton Cabin

Friday September 21st

  • Early Morning – could be spent touring the Lamar Valley
  • Midday – Could be spent at Tower Falls
  • Afternoon – Could be spent at Mammoth Hot Springs
  • Evening – Workshop/ Discussion
  • Night time – Solar photography

Saturday September 22nd

  • Morning – Harriman State Park
  • Afternoon – Mesa Falls
  • Evening – Workshop/Discussion
  • Night time – Solar photography

Sunday September 23rd

  • Depart for home


Gail (Buck) and Annie Dutton have generously offered their Island Park Cabin as home base for this trip. It is a very nice facility located at 4118 Huckleberry Lane in Island Park (about 25 minutes from the YNP west entrance). Besides Buck and Annie the cabin will sleep 10 individuals. In addition there is room outside the cabin for 2 other smaller RV’s. 

Close to the Dutton Cabin (2 minute drive) is Sawtelle Mountain Resort where I have booked a site for my 35 ft 5th wheel trailer at about $40 per night. Buck has over 30 years experience as a river guide and has put together a “tasty” meal plan for moderately sized groups. For those staying in the cabin the cost for meals and lodging would be $35 per night per person with prorated meal costs for Wednesday and Sunday. For those camping outside the cabin that would like join in on the meal plan the cost would be $16 per day. Those individuals with special food needs will need to make personal provisions for those needs.The cabin and outside camping are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please call me with your intentions to stay at the Dutton cabin. A $50 deposit per person holds your reservation. As this is an official sponsored PVPS event please make your check payable to Portneuf Valley Photographic Society. You can send your payment to me at:

Eric Johnson
9578 Braxton Drive
Pocatello, Idaho 83204

Workshop/Discussion Ideas

Using the Dutton Cabin as home base, and if time allows we would like to have a few workshops or discussions regarding photographic techniques. There is a large flat screen TV available to us for presentation purposes. If you have a topic of interest that you would like to discuss or if you would like to present or lead a discussion or a workshop please contact
me. Here are some ideas of possible topics:

  • Show-&-Tell – What, why and how of your images.
  • The triad of depth of field – when to use and how to calculate hyperfocal distance,
    and how to use and calculate depth of field for improved photography.
  • Milky Way Photography – Finding and photographing the Milky way. Foreground subjects, painting with light, best lens, ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings.
  • Manual/RAW Photography – Pros and cons of using raw and the triad of exposure.
  • Water in Motion – how to create the flowing water look using camera settings and filters.
  • Composition – general rules, story telling (close up or back up), using textures, exposure and depth of field to enhance composition.
  • HDR Photography – with and without the HDR look.  Neutral density filter use – expanding dynamic range with graduated ND filters.
  • ISO Invariance – reduce sensor noise and increase image sharpness using the ISO-less or ISO invariance technique.
  • Flash Photography – taking the mystery out of artificial light.

What to Bring

We hope to have opportunities to do “car” and “hiking” photography of wildlife, fall colors, landscapes, water (falls), high contract scenery, and “tourist shots” . Plan accordingly to bring the necessary lenses, filters, tubes, batteries, tripod(s), gear and clothing to maximize your experience.  If you want to learn and practice flash photography, you will want to bring a flash if you have one. People who do may be willing to share with those who don’t have one. If you are just starting out in photography and have questions please don’t hesitate to give myself or someone in the club leadership a call and we will be happy to help.

Sample Images

If you have images from this area that you would like to share, send them to

Some places that we could shoot are:

  • Grand Prismatic Spring
  • Old Tom to Artist point hike about 4 miles
  • Lamar Valley (Wild Life)
  • Riverside Geyser/Old Faithful area
  • Mammoth Hot Springs/ Tower Falls
  • Etc.

Useful Websites: