Here are two test galleries to see how they will work.

There is a Gallery for “Show & Tell”.  This is a place where people can upload images to show off.  I will probably try to prune things out of here when they get to be “old” (however we define that).  It will not segregate pictures by who took them, but if you put your name in the description, it will be there.

There is a Gallery for First Saturday Photo Safaris.  These are images from the First Saturday Photo Safaris that Ruth Moorhead leads for the club.

There is a Gallery for the 2011 World Wide Photo Walk.

The Art Center had a show at the Idaho State Capital building.  Here are pictures of that exhibit hanging in the Capital.

There is a gallery of John Bunker’s images.

There is a gallery of Larry Petersen’s images.

If anyone wants to have their own Gallery here, please let me know.  I will be happy to add one for you.


In order to upload images, you will have to be registered on this site and logged in.  I hope that is enough to keep out the garbage that seems to cause problems all to often on the internet. 🙂  Check out this post for more information.