Activities & Events

Club Coordinated Activities (2019):

The society-sponsored events will be loosely organized with the main structure of the event being the date(s), location and a fluid itinerary. The intent of these sponsored events is to simply provide shared photographic experiences between club members who have a passion for photography. We hope these sponsored events provide opportunities to learn and teach photographic skills and to enjoy friendships and experiences together.

Tulip Festival:

Dated TBD

The Tulip Festival is by the Point of the Mountain and Cabela’s between Salt Lake and Provo.  Cabela’s will let people camp in their parking lot at no cost.  Keep in mind that this is dry camping, no hookups.

FYI Activities:

FYI events are photographic opportunities that members of our society have knowledge of; that while not a society-sponsored event will be listed in club correspondence. Please share with the society any such events that you have knowledge of or wish to attend with other club members.

Ice Castles Midway Utah:

Date TBD

 Golden Spike 150th Anniversary Re-Enactment & Celebration:

May 10th (Fri)

This year is the 150th Anniversary of the joining of the rails at Promontory Point in Utah.  That means there will be an even bigger production this year than normal.  This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Craters of the Moon Wildflower Bloom:

Date TBD

There has been considerable talk amount club members about doing a late spring to early summer Craters of the Moon trip to capture the flower bloom.

Hummingbird Roundup Rudeen Ranch:

June 2 (Sun)

GPS Coordinates: 42.676N 112.749W

Google predicts 50 Min from the Red Lion in Pocatello, 39.2 miles.

Teton Valley Balloon Rally:

July 4 – 7 (Thurs- Sun)

39th annual Teton Valley Balloon Rally

Shoban – Bannock Indian Festival:

Date TBD