The Portneuf Valley Photographic Society is a group of people who are interested in and enjoy photography. We are a part of the Pocatello Art Center.  Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings, and functions anytime!

Recent Photographs from our Members

Upcoming Events


Photo Club Meeting:

The Oct Photo Club meeting will be Oct 26th at 7:30pm at the Pocatello Art Center, 444 N Main.  The program will be a presentation from Lance Earl about lighting.

Bryce Canyon Trip:

Our trip to Bryce Canyon was great.  The Photog Adventures guys, Aaron and Brendon, spent some time with us.  They took us on a hike to a great place with a single tree on the top edge of a cliff/hoodoo and a sunset.  They also taught us about shooting start trails, very fun. We have a Flickr group where people are putting pictures from the trip.  It is worth checking it out.

World Wide Photo Walk:

We held the World Wide Photo Walk on Oct 7th at Edson Fichter Pond, by Indian Hills School.  There is a Flickr group for photos from the Walk.  As if this moment, there is nothing there, but keep watching.